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Kill Kenny is a skill game on in which you control the protagonist Kenny’s fate. There is a light green house with a dark green door in the middle. Three people who look like up to no good are standing on the roof. Little Kenny in orange in front of the house has to avoid to be shoot by the three men. All the attackers have 500 knives in all, and will drop the harmful tools quickly from the top. So Kenny could only move here and there to dodge the attack. Kenny has 5 lives and you can save him if there are one or more lives left when all the 500 lethal weapons are used. On the side, there is going to be a guard with a gun turning up at intervals from the dark green door. Kenny could get the gun which is used to counterattack if he is near around at that time. Use your mouse to help Kenny dodge the raid, and after getting hold of the gun, use the left and arrow keys to adjust the directions to fire. When one people is hit, he will disappear for a moment and Kenny has a place to hide. Let’s see if you could save poor Kenny in the limited 5 times.
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