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Stoneage Fight is an action game on in which you will have a fantastic journey in the Stone Age. In a clearing, the sun is shining brightly on some stiff rocks, and kinds of animals will come forth and you could hit them to win the scores. You will get 100 points when rabbits are gotten, and 50 points could be added to you when a monkey is attacked. However, when snakes, lions and dinosaurs are beaten you can only lose 100 points. Besides the animal, you have the opportunity to catch more points by picking the red hearts and apples dropped by the flying birds. The score brought by one heart is 300, and an apple helps you gain 200 points. During all the process, stones will fall from the sky and make sure not to be tamped by them, or you will lose one precious heart. Use your left and right arrows to move, and the space bar could help you hit. When you get 3000 points in the limited time, you are the winner; if you can not, you lose the game in this particularly magic Stone Age. Get ready now to have a try! Be careful!
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