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Playing Field 2 is an action game. We’ve finally done it - found a way to hack into the myriad of parallel universes that exist outside of our own. Quantum mechanics? You bet. String theory? Involved. If it’s a big word, we probably used it in our quest for the ultimate holy grail of science and marketing - unlimited resources and NO consequences. Just steal from the parallel universes! Even our secretary would be a millionaire! But there’s a down-side. It’s dangerous. Our attempts to send teams into the parallel universes have resulted in more than a few "missing scientists". And here at headquarters, things are getting rough - the CEOs are getting greedy and productivity is at an all-time low. I almost wish we hadn’t discovered this... glitch in reality. Our programmers have come up with a slim, high-tech solution to our problem of the missing scientists - a computer program to hack into the parallel universes on our behalf, with some restraints. Still, it gives the user almost godly powers. Jack, our programmer who discovered the glitch in the first place, had some sort of "religious" experience as a child. It’s quite a story. In any case, he insisted we name this program "Playing Field 2", and, reluctant for lawsuits, we obliged. This program must be kept under wraps. In the wrong hands, it could cause unimaginable amounts of chaos and destruction!
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