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Core Putt is a sport game on in which you have 9 rounds of golf putt. After choosing the 1 or 2-player mode, the game starts. In a golf course, there is a standard hole and a club. The direction of the club could be changed with your mouse’s rotating. When the club turns red, it means you could hit the gulf. After you click your club to be ready, a power meter symbol which shows the changing strength turns up on the top right corner. Watch out for a proper degree of power to hit the golf, because you can never say the stronger power will bring you better effect in the golf course. As the round goes on, more difficult and complicated style of the course will come forth. Even barriers such as water and sand will be arranged to add the handicaps in the process. In addition, green light which could cause the incredible force and disturb your visual estimation is another annoying element. However, those are all the probable knots. When you keep on marching, they will become easier. Now hurry up to show your gulf ability and succeed winning the nine rounds without a break.
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