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Blob Lander is an adventure game on in which your task is to get the secret key and valuable fuel in a mystical cave. In a T-shape cave, there is a door connecting the left and right ground. At the right side, a key and shield symbol are flying in the middle. And you are at the left side in a special blob. First you should make effort to get the key which makes the door open and take on the precious fuel which powers up your shield. Then you could see the goal—the valuable fuel which keeps floating below the door. Use the arrow keys to navigate the blob boat. The difficult job is to go forward and keep the balance at the same time. You have to avoid knocking on the either side of anything in the cave, or the blob will break and 1 life will be lost. You have 3 limited lives in all, so you have to try the best to advance smoothly in the narrow space. Do not forget most of all to make sure to avoid the baddies on your travels! Take these tips to drive your unique vehicle to start your fantastic journey at once!
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