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Hit Him is a fighting game on in which you have to take the highest speed to fight your rival. In a boxing match, your rival is keeping moving from left and right without any regulation. It seems that you can never guess which direction he is going to move in. Your task is to hit him as fast as you can. There is one and the only rule for you. There are 7 parts on the man’s face for you to hit—the forehead, the left eye, the right eye, the nose, the left cheek, the right cheek, the mouth and the jaw. In the limited 30 seconds, you must hit each part mentioned before at least 3 times, or you will fail to finish your job. This means that you could win the game only when you hit him 21 times correctly in the half minute. So the most important point in this game is to pay much attention to the movement of the man. You have to watch out very carefully for his probable motions. Every correct judgement means precious time bonus for you. Take the valuable opportunities and try to make it now. Good luck!
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