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Temple Guardian 2 is a skill game on in which your mission is to defend the temple and win the highest game points. Move the cursor to the map edge and press down left mouse; alternatively, you can press the arrow keys. Click on the desired building, when the building is red-shaded, it means it isn’t allowed on this spot. Press R to rotate the building to the desired direction. Click on the map and select plus sign or minus sign on the property panel to increase or decrease the number of trade wagons to bring you income. Praying is the main means of getting blessing points. You can increase or decrease the number of praying priests. The more priests you pay to pray, the more blessing you get per hour. Also you need to build a hotel before you hire hero. The one you pick will show up near the hotel. Every defense tower has its own specialty and functionality. The white circle around the tower indicates the maximum shooting range. Good luck!
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