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Stack Da Police is a skill game on in which the police are under your control. First a huge airship filled with 10 trunks where lots of policemen are locked will stop in the air. Then all the trunks will be dropped on the land surrounded by colorful trees with growing flowers. Clouds keep on moving in the sky. Obviously all the stranded policemen will try their best to get out of the damn boxes. Your job is to lift them and poke them until all of them are stacked in an upright row, and the airship would pick them up again. Use your mouse button to lift and poke the indocile chests with annoying bobbies in. The difficult part of this game comes from the durative interference of the bobbies. When they over attack the boxes, the boxes will move and maybe could bump the other boxes which have been stacked, and then all the work done may be destroyed. So there are two tips: first choose the nearer chest to stack in case it would destroy the finished work; be careful in the process when you lift one chest to the top. Now make effort to finish the job.
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