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Icescape 2 is a point and click horror shoot them up adventure game. It’s a good idea to play icescape 1 first. Move your mouse over objects for a detailed description. Click KEY I to open and close your inventory or to drop items back into there. Click items in the inventory to activate them. After discovering some kind of alien spacecraft had crash landed into your research base then being confronted by a hostile creature, you did the only thing you could. You shot it, point blank in the head. There were no other survivors and the radio’s were smashed beyond repair, sp you grabbed supplies, warm clothing and fueled up the snow-wolf ATV and headed north. There is a large mining drilling station situated to the north and it is your last chance of survival and hopefully getting word of these creatures out to civilization. Ice Scrape 2 is an Adventure game, available on, for your spare time relaxing and entertainment. Good luck! And have fun.
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