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In Super Kaka, your goal is to help Kaka get the flying fuel within the time limit. Kaka needs this magical fuel to keep flying and it is the winning goal of every level. If Kaka exceeds the time limit, the game is over. If Kaka bumps into other characters, his life decreases and after 5 times, the game gets over. Press UP arrow key to jump and climb up, LEFT arrow key is for moving to the left, RIGHT arrow key is for moving to the right, DOWN arrow key is to climb down. SPACE BAR is for switching the flying mode on or off, SHIFT key is for shooting, and CTRL key is for pausing. If you collect a silver coin, you get 100 points, gold coin - 200 points, ruby - 300 points, sapphire - 400 points, Jade - 500 points and Gold - 1000 points. If you collect more than 10,000 points, you get one extra life. There are some magical items too. The frozen mirror freezes all the characters except Kaka for a while. The invisible portion makes Kaka invisible. The magic watch gives extra 10 seconds. With the sword gun you can use the SHIFT key to shoot bullets. When Kaka gets a magical item it will show up in the bar at the bottom. You can use the 0-9 hot keys or left click to activate the magical item. You can play this exciting adventure game on
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