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Playing with Fire 2 is a skill game on in which your mission is to blow your opponents before they kill you. You only have three minutes to do this, so don’t hang around. You can play a two player game with your friends or just play against the computer rivals. If you win a game you will score the number of seconds remaining multiplied by 250. Times the number of rivals in the game. If you lose a game then you will lose the same amount of points. You start the game with one bomb and can only drop one at a time. Double click the bomb button to throw it. Earn time you collect a bomb power up you gain another bomb and can drop more than one bomb at a time. You can continue collecting bombs to a maximum on nine bombs. Golden trainers will make you run faster. Golden power kick allows you to kick your bombs into position. Lighting increases the power of your bombs by square, which is up to a maximum of eight squares in any direction can be achieved. Use the warp squares to transport your player. Remember you will only be transported between warp squares that are the same color. Good luck!
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