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The Battle is a shooting game on in which your objective is to create an army with the limited money you possess and to wipe out the enemy and their fortress. Your main source of income is an oil well situated just outside of your stronghold. Make sure you don’t lose it to enemy forces, or you may find yourself penniless and defeated. Starts off easy enough, but get very difficult as the stages progress. When created, all units will by default begin moving toward the enemy. Units can be clicked on individually or as groups, once selected you can click on another location where you want the units to go. Different units have different strengths and weaknesses; it’s up to you to figure out which units work best where. Foot-soldiers can be used to take enemy turret positions and also the oil well. You start off with only 2 unit types. You need to conduct research to acquire new military units(land, air and sea). Cost of research depends on what you are looking at getting. Go ahead and shift the enemy’s head...
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