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Danny Phantom is a fighting game on in which you must snipe the evil Freakshow who has escaped with a reality gauntlet. He has got a weapon of great power. Although he hasn’t found all the gems to fully operate the weapon, you have to find the gems before he does to maintain the world’s peace. Use the four arrow keys to go in four different directions; spacebar is the attack button, and key G. stands for GHOST what you could change into when you have to pass through specific obstacles. You could double jump by pressing Up key twice; jump kick can make effect when Up key and spacebar are used together; you could forward crouched attack by pressing Down key and spacebar at the same time; using spacebar thrice could cause the jab attack, pressing spacebar, G key and spacebar in order brings up the phantom fist; while holding the Down arrow, pressing spacebar twice will exert your hard front kick. In the way, there are various obstacles such as telegraph pole, dustbin, heading, house, truck, and so on, you’d better try your best to avoid them. After all you only have 3 tries and your energy limit is limited too. Get ready? Hurry up to save our world!
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