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Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout is a skill game on in which you will have the fantastic experience to reach 3 track checkpoints before time runs out. Along the race, you have 3 tries in all to go through the ice mountain tunnel. The game is over when 3 tries are lost. What you should do is to collect various points while finishing the journey as fast as you can. Use your Left and Right arrow keys to move side to side, and Up and Down keys to move faster and slower. You could receive a score bonus by means as follows: beating a time on the track scoreboard and collecting all the letters that spell “PEBBLES” in order on one track. Running over pebbles cereal icons can not only add your score, but also boost pads for your extra speed! Meanwhile, you have to avoid dangerous damage caused by the sudden obstacles in the way, for too much damage will lose a try, Running over pebbles repair icons is a lucky chance for you to reduce damage. It couldn’t be better to experience the enthusiasm of speed like this. Ready to have a TRY? Come on to surf through the ice tunnel!
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