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Cave Diving is a skill game on in which you could experience the exciting diving journey in the deep cave world. In a beautiful and mystic cave world with quiet atmosphere, lots of plants including red flowers and green grass grow there, singing and dancing in their own languages and gestures; in addition, there are many rocks with different shapes, and you have to swim across them. However, unsafe circumstances are hidden there. In fact the rough stones are dangerous to you, because you will lose your life once you bump on them, and the game will be over with your last score of distance. Once the game begins, use your mouse click to control your place. As you keep swimming, you will be lower and lower; when you press your mouse button, you will get higher, and with longer-time press, you will get to a higher diving position. Make sure to pay enough attention to the distance between the rocks, after all over long time press or short time press is neither good to your diving journey. Now wear your cool right diving clothes and take this risk in the attractive world. Dive forward firmly, and believe you could succeed!
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