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Bubble Bug Catcher is an interesting skill game on in which your particular job is to catch the bugs with bubbles. In the warm sunshine, there stands a quiet garden. In the beautiful garden with lots of grass, flowers and trees, kinds of bugs in different colors are flying across them, as if welcoming the coming of spring. Here your task is to use the special and specific tool to make bubbles and catch the bugs. You should know that from the very beginning of making bubble to the last, you must keep the bug in the bubble all the time, make sure not to let them out of your circle in the process, and then you could catch it, and this is the important skill. In addition, avoid making the bubble too large, or it will break itself and waste your time and opportunity. In each round, the score requirement is different-higher percentage of success is a must when the game is advanced. Press the mouse button to start inflating the bubble, and release the mouse button to release the bubble and catch the bug. That’s all you should keep in mind to continue this game now. Good luck.
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