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Formulated D, a play of car very complete and graphically superb, to discover on Since a successful menu, under an air of very pleasant guitar jazzy, you can sail between the various parts of the play. Start by clicking on the garage to buy your first car to you. You have the choice between a Toyota and a Nissan. Then, choose your type of race: Time Trial where the goal is to make the minimum of time on a lathe of circuit to earn points and money. Drifting where you have a time assigned to try to garner a maximum of points by carrying out skids on the bitumen. It is not necessary to finish the turn, important is to skid! Slip into the turns but attention not to be left the track bus if not you lose all your points. License is the mode which will enable you to obtain 4 types of licensee, C, B, A and the S by ascending order of difficulty. Here, you must carry out a certain number of turn while doing an utmost of points while skidding. A true challenge for most gifted among you. Use the arrows of the keyboard to drive your car: To accelerate high, Low to slow down, Left and Right-hand side to turn. With the cumulated money and the gained licenses, you will be able to free additional cars and circuits. You will have included/understood it; it is a complete play of car, minis Gran Truism very nicely carried out with a piloting for very delicate top. Highly advised with in love with the wheel. With you to play!
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