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In an experimental disastrous failure, the vital viruses turn the city into a grave. Your mission is to eliminate all the affected citizens. Move your mouse to aim the weapon, left click to shoot. Press KEY 1 or 2 or 3 to switch the soldier you controlled, each soldier have different weapons or equipments. When you killed an enemy, a coin will spawned ,use soldier 1 sucking device to suck the coin by pressing’1’ key while soldier 1 have a sucking device equipped. Kill the zombie to try out. Soldier 2 is the Rifles/Handgun specialist. Each gun has a special mode, when the special gauge is full, press SPACEBAR to unleash the special bullet. Each time Soldier 2 shot an enemy, the special gauge is increased by a little amount. Soldier 3 is the Heavy Weapons specialist. Soldier 3 weapons have limited ammo that overtime will be automatically replenished. Grave Blaster is an action game, available on, for your spare time relaxing and entertainment.
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