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Summer Day is a classic game on in which there is a girl named Lain and six countries’ national flags. The six countries are: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and U.K. They representative six languages. Choose anyone of them to enter the game. Click on the screen to continue. Here is where she keeps her clothes. Look everywhere to find them. With the first button which is in the lower right corner, you can change the clothes’ color to make it your way. Use the buttons that is in the lower left corner to control to the room and move it to see the details. When she will be dressed up, take her to the beach by clicking the second button that is in the lower right corner, you will see how well she feels under the sun. It’s a wonderful day to go to the beach. She will enjoy so much beauty at th seaside. What are you waiting for? Let’s go to see what you can do...
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