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When customers arrive, click on customers and click an empty table. The customers will go to the table you have arranged for them. Note that the customers come in groups and a group of 3 of more cannot fit into a table for 2. Flashing table number indicates service is needed at that table. Click that table and the waiter will go to that table when available. When no waiter is available, the service request icon will show up on the left side of the screen. Click the icon to move the priority of the request up to be the very next task. After a customer orders, the food ordered will be shown at the lower-left of the screen. If you click on the food, the chef icon on the right will show this chef’s cooking skill for this food order. You can designate a chef with better expertise to prepay this food. Otherwise, the food will be prepared by whichever chef is available at the time. When food is ready, chef would put it on the counter and the plate would start flashing. Click on the food to send it to the right table. Pizza King is a skill and action game, available on, for your spare time relaxing and entertainment.
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