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This is a platform game, but you will have to draw your path to achieve your objective. You can use the “W”, “S”, “A”, “D” key to move Up, Down, Left, and Right. Hold and move your mouse to create a path to go to the safe space. You can choose a mode for yourself from the given 2: story mode and arcade mode. For story mode, the pumpkins god… he got 50 of your pumpkins, your job is to recover them back to your collection, in 30 levels of growing difficulty. For arcade mode, 20 pure random levels of image! Mini games: try your luck with the mini games, fun is every where! Unlock them by completing the main game. You will have to collect pumpkin for your collection; in story mode your pumpkins were stolen. To do so, you will have to cross all the pumpkins land, and you can not jump, or have special powers, so you will use pumpkin juice to make your path.
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