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Star Dominion is a skill game. You can use your mouse to control, and click your left click to select the items. You will first follow the dialog box to learn how to control your flagship. In order to build refinery, select any of your buildbots and then press Buildings on the unit management panel. And then you can see all buildings available for construction, find there Refinery, press it and place somewhere on the field. You’d better build Refinery closer to aguers, so buildbots will traverse shorter distance and hence you will get resources faster. You have resource to build your defense system. You can build 4 types of turrets in order to protect your base. Each turret or unit has weapon which can shoot ground units, flying units or the both. You can build two turrets- Plasma Mortar (good anti-ground turret) and Missile Turret (good anti-air turret) in the buildbot’s buildings group. Other two you can find in Advanced Buildings group. Other two you can find in Advanced Buildings group of your buildbot. In order to succeed in this operation you have to eliminate all enemy forces. Build Factory in order to train droids, then attack enemy base. Hey, boy use your strategy skill to win this battle, don’t be afraid to experiment. Good Luck, sir!
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