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Hit The Jackpot 2 is a shooting game. You can move your mouse in the blue circle area, and use your left mouse button to shoot. Be at least 15th in the qualifying toumament to start in the world cup. Accuracy and speed of aim influence your score. To save your score in the Master’s table, you have to score more points than last player in the table. The qualifying toumament is played in 4 cities(few trials on max 3 distances). The world cup:7 cities, available distance:50/70/90 meter. Attention, you must watch out for the wind!! For each shot you can score from 1 to 10 points, there are also extra points for time you shoot and arrow (time of your trail divided by 10). Get the score as many points as you can (for hits and extra points) to save your score in Master’s table. Experience: you are getting experience during your game. More experience you have, the better is your control of the bow (so your chances for better score)
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