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Dolphin Olympics 2 is a very funny skill game. In this game you become a cute dolphin, and your target is to show a perfect performance. You can press the Left or Right arrow key to turn left or right, even flip your dolphin while airborne. You can also press the Down arrow key to roll, press the Up arrow key to accelerate. Score as many points as possible in 2 minutes. Tips: Hold Down arrow key while approaching the water to do a tail slide. Press the Up arrow key to jump our of your tail slide. You can also lead fish out of the water for points and a speed bonus. Swim through rings to build speed and get more time. You can also tail slide in space! “Startsliding” increase your slide boost, which gives you more airtime when you jump out of a tail slide. Tips: do a wide variety of tricks to increase your speed and combo multiplier, take off quickly after landing to chain one jump combo into another. Hold the Down arrow key can help you to roll between jumps to keep your combo going underwater.
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