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Hoist the veils and sail with the orders of one ship in the search of one ancient off manuscript in Master The Secret Sea, a play of reflexion to be discovered on your gate of plays. You incarnate an adventurer and unload in Georgetown. You do not remember anything and you find to discuss with a sailor on the quay the port the city which proposes to you to leave to the conquest Dark Crystal. Start by equipping your ship (Sail) before embarking. Click on Ship Dock, then Food stock to supply your ship to live about it. Click on Tavern to recruit people in the tavern of the city. Constitute your crew since this heading. While clicking on the Market button, you can buy products to be put in the holds of your boat. Click on Ship Yard to repair your boat. Click on Town hall to accept various and useful missions to earn money. Lastly, click on Ship Dock, then Set Dock to at sea launch to you with the orders of your ship for a 10 days exit. Start by accepting and achieving small missions before leaving to the conquest the manuscript Dark Crystal. Use the arrows of the keyboard for sail. On your road, you will meet adversaries. Press on the bar spaces to draw with your guns. While approaching the ship, your crew can approach the enemy boat. If the combat is announced lost, you can beat a retreat while pressing on key R. A superb realization for a play of adventure/reflexion in the maritime medium, between play of pirate and play of adventure. To discover urgently!
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