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Control a 4x4 to the finishing line without you crasher in Offload Madness, a play of car available on your gate of plays. Choose your 4x4 among 4 vehicles, of small the 4x4x of leisured in large Hummer of competition. Select then the course. Once on the road, since a side view, use the arrows of the keyboard to lead your 4x4: High and Low to accelerate and slow down, Left and Right-hand side to rock the vehicle. Reach the finishing line in a minimum of time to obtain the best score. Increase your score by collecting the no-claims bonus on the road. Manage well your balance and your speed for not you crasher. A superb graphic realization, excellent music’s hardware rock’ n roll and very rich courses for a very good play of control, for the amateurs of cars which have some under the cap!
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