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Incarnate a very special agent and eliminate the gang which sows terror downtown in Madness Regent, a play of sublime shooting available on your gate of plays. Some share in Nevada, a man wishes to put an end to the madness violence. Control our armed super hero and help it to get rid of the gangs which sow terror downtown. To play, use the gauche arrows and Right-hand side of the keyboard to move on the left and on the right, press on the arrows top and bottom to aim with your weapon. Draw while pressing on key A. To jump, press on the key S. Support twice on S for carry out a double jump. You at your disposal one crowned arsenal: chop, gun, rifle with pump, sabers, electric gun. Low Drum’ N for the ears, and the eyes, of superb animations and graphics in black, white and red in a single style cartoon hip-hop. Madness Regent will return tear completely to you!!
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