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Imagine when robots out of control, what the terrible world it will be! Mad Mech Robowars is an action game, available on, for totally free. You are in the mad mech robot, vandalizing all the things along the way to the base. Radar stations, warehouses, arsenals, barracks, rockets turrets and even the fences, all be sabotaged to dust. Use KEY WASD to master the robot, use mouse to aim and left click to fire or launch the missile. There provides 3 kinds of massive massacre weapons: rocket, highly recommend for the building and heavy-armored vehicles which it is hardly able to control its track makes it less precise; minigun, nice performance when confront a troop infantry fast and precise, but little damage to the buildings and tanks; laser gun let out powerful and linear damage yet its long term interval will fury the trigger. Alternate them timely in order to beat them efficiently. You can upgrade your armor and restore you health all way along. Good luck! Extinct the arrogant human being.
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