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In this puzzle game on, connect the pipes from the tap to the drains to keep Ember running smoothly. There can be up to 5 outlets on each level. Click and drag the pipes onto the grid area to create one long pipe from the tap to the drain. You can skip pipes if you can’t find the one you are looking for but it will reduce your score. The fastest way to get rid of unwanted pipes is to trash them. This also reduces you score but only a little. You can replace a pipe on the grid but this will reduce your score. Keep an eye on the water level. Once it gets to the top, the tap will turn on. If you are ready, you can start the water early and get double points. Look out for the bonus items in the grid. These are worth a lot of points. Water tanks give you a lot of points and also slow the water down. You also need to avoid some obstacles in the yard. Ready to begin the Pipe works?
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