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Pirate Ship of Fools, Zombies, and other bizarre and wicked creatures on board a pirate ship. Your own clumsy dog is the only one you can count on and get the help from! Pirate Ship of Fools is an adventure game, through the game need to have a real plan before you take action, it is available on, for totally free. Your goal is to reveal the secret buried under the ship deep in the water, and surely you can take some of the jewlleries as a forsake, if you can get out of the haunted old kinky ship. Use ARROW KEYs to walk and explore, press SPACEBAR to take an action, KEY S and L can save and load your current or load your saved games, which is pretty useful. KEY L is used to exchange the selected item with the next one in the inventory. Caution with the FEAR-O-METER, it is used to measure the character’s current coolness level. Don’t let reach the other side. Good luck!
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