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Guide a quite alive piece of meat until its liked well in Meat Servant boy, a play of adventure to be discovered on your gate of plays. You incarnate Meat Servant boy, a small piece of red meat. Its expensive liked, Bandaid Girl was kidnapped. Help Meat Servant boy to join his liked well all in top of each level. For that, you can slip by using the arrows of the keyboard and jump using the bar spaces. Meat Boy sticks to the walls and the ground leaving behind him a trail of blood. It can thus rebound of wall in wall. Jump of platform in platform and wall in wall to reach Bandaid Girl. Superb graphics and musics for a play with environment delirious and amusing. The trail of blood which Meat Servant boy leaves behind him is to be died of laughing. A play with advising with all in love ones with steak well bleeding and with the others!
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