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The city has been overrun by thugs. Law and order are breaking down, and citizens are afraid to leave their houses. No one knows where the thugs are coming from, or how many there are. There is only one thing for it, you decide to get to the bottom of this, destroy the gang and save the city. Put on your gloves and take to the streets. Take To the Streets is an action game available on, for totally free. When you walk down the street, villains coming right at you, you can use ARROW KEYs to move, and KEY ASDZXC the 6 KEYS is really useful when you in combat. KEY A is used for a back kick, and KEY D is for decorer. KEY Z is for a dodge, while KEY C is used to perform a taunt. KEY S and X is used individually for a combo type S, and combo type X. Good luck, have a really nasty fun in the riotous streets.
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