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Baron in a red armor is fighting in the arena, in the interval between the next fight, the baron ate the poisonous mushrooms by mistaken. It is likely to vomit, but this is not the worst, he has begun to have illusions. All the people in the arena turn out to be monsters and demons. What a terrible sight, before they the monster got over him, he had to fight back, to kill the monsters one by one. Red Baron is an action and arcade game, available on, for totally free. ARROW KEYs are used to run while KEY A is used to perform attack, KEY S is used to change your weapon, press KEY S in the battle, your will do a rapid switch to the other one. You have two options, one is sword, the other is axe. KEY D is used to defense. You should make as much combos as possible if you can by tapping KEY A as soon as you swipe your weapon in the air. In addition, when the enemy show up after your series fierce combos with a skull above their head, you can go on smash the corpse to earn extra coins. Go and fight, knight! Fight in your own illusion!
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