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All the games are take part in air. You will sit in the balloon floating in the air, making your own way up and down. You objective is to go and find the exit door as the access to the next level, but manipulating the balloons to follow your direction nearly drive you crazy. Thus go and collect coins, take as much as you can get to get highscore. Air Battle is an action game, available on, for totally free. You can master the balloon to fly up with KEY W or ARROW KEY UP, KEY A or LEFT KEY to fly left and KEY D or RIGHT KEY to the right. You have a cannon onboard which is controlled by mouse but it useless several levels, only when you needs the cannon to break some bricks, to drop the opponents to the see. All the turrets cannon are not friendly, it is not necessary to destroy it to complete a level but you can blow it up, if it annoys you. You have to kill all guys in every level to come te the next level. If you are out of ammo try to pop his balloons with propeller. Good luck, pilot!
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