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It is an action fighting game, available on, for totally free. You mission in this game is to challenge all the villains in the street, who are fighting masters. KEY WASD to move the Kungfu master, KEY A and S, is charge of action, KEY A is used to punch an jab or perform a kick, KEY S for jump. There is some more details about your power meter, when they are full with fury, it will turn into a crystal, and when you have the max to 2, you can perform a super kill by tap WS and J, this will be frequently used to make sure you can get through the game at your ease. Double tap ARROW KEY will run, during with press A perform a shadow punch. DOWN and A will make a uppercut. Then here comes the most funny trick, the fireball, if you press the LEFT DOWN and RIGHT then A, sequentially. Good luck on your way!
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