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Unlike other action games, this game, the Savior, is different in battle mode. Other action arcade games often fight from the beginning to the end, but this game requires more wisdom and influence in manipulating the hero. First, there are no long term run before you met the boss, The Savior begins with the boss. The other little opponent is just for you to level up your experience and upgrade your weapon. You will get experience by perform a successful attack, and when you are level up don’t forget to distribute your points, to make yourself and your weapon more strong. After your upgrading the weapon once, you can lift your attack with limit break, which is merely available for upgraded weapon. By the way, attack the thief to get random stone for upgrade weapon, the stamina bar will recover automatically if you don’t run. The savior is an action game available on, for totally free. KEY J to attack, KEY K is used when you want to run, KEY L is used to perform a upgraded weapon attack only. Good luck with you, hope you can defeat the boss all at your ease.
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