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On king island, a terrible riot has started. The great king Maleficu seriously ponders on the consequences of this happening. With the war against that pig king Artus burning up to the west all his black knights are on the battlefront cutting off the heads of filthy paladins. After a long search in the most ugly and filthy prisons of the kingdom, the character is chosen to sent to the rebellious island to re-establish the king law. The guy named Kaptivo. An ex-prisoner has been who had been trained and sent to the island to put a stop to the riot, As freedom and wealth will be his reward. Unfortunately, Kaptivo’s mission didn’t start very well You must find your way through the sharpened hoes of the traitors to find the way which leads to the village. It is an action-RPG game available on, for totally free. To move the character or to attack someone, left click on the map where you want send him to or the one you want to blow down. Have a glorious adventure, warrior, the freedom and wealth is on your way before you.
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