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Plunge in a universe of science fiction where the robots replaced the men in RoboKill, a sublime play of arcade proposed by your gate of plays. Hit attention! Incarnate a robot armed to the teeth and explore the various parts of a space station invaded by robots aliens. Since a sight of top, use the arrows of the keyboard to move you. Aim and draw using the mouse. Destroy the enemy robots for recover money and new weapons. Explode the cases and other elements of the decoration to recover no-claims bonus. With the gained money, you direct or téléportez you to the part where is the shop (Shop) to buy new weapons. Graphics and animations are sumptuous, the magic explosions, the realistic ultra sound effects and the excellent jouability. This play is a true wonder, a happiness in a pure state for all the amateurs of action, adventure, SF and the others! To discover absolutely!
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