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War Machines is a fighting game on . Cities are built on clouds. Each city is guarded by a War Machine. Of all the 16 cities,the city you live in ranked last, and has to pay tribute to other cities every year. To help your city to get out of poverty, you ,as a commander of War Machine, are on a mission to challenge and defeat War Machines from the other 15 cities. Your objective is to dominate all other cities. To do that , you have to push opponent off the cliff, that’s to say ,just push opponent back to the red mark. Each time you defeat a War Machine, you will receive money to buy new power ups for different situations,because there will be different sets of power ups for Attack,Defend and Draw. There are a total of 5 stages, you must defeat 3 ones to advance to next stage. Each stage, opponents will get stronger, but the rewards will be better as well. Blue indicator marks where you are. Each turn will last for 3 rounds,you and opponent get to switch your Machine to any of the 3 modes,Hurricane,Twister or Earthquake. You can also choose many kinds of color like red,green,yellow,white,blank or admixture of any two kinds of color for your Machine. This is your chance to show off your fighting skills and earn money. Go ahead and sift the opponent’s head...
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