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Katana is a sarumai, he starts the swords before his adolescent, and now when he grows up, he found the secret hidden in the demon’s palace, it is his responsibility to find out the truth, and to protect his Katana race. There is no need to worry about whether it is time to upgrade your weapon some time in the battle to interrupt you. You just mind your sword to eliminate the opponents. With Japanese style Background, you are sure will have the idea about the spirit of sarumai, the warrior inside. Soul of the Katana is an action and arcade game, available on, for totally free. KEY ARROW to master Katana move, while KEY Up is used as part of combo attack. KEY Z perform a vertical sword slice, and X for a horizontal sword slice and KEY C for kick. When you want to jump please tap SPACEBAR. By the way, collect 100 coins can bonus you an extra life.
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