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Plunge at the ocean floor and save the corals vis-a-vis their predator of always, the Man, in Kaleidoscope, a play of address to be discovered on your gate of plays. The corals on let us fons marine cause life and allow many fish species of living and reproducing. Only the activity of the man destroys this ecosystem: anchors of the boats which tear off the coral, the degasification of the ships of goods which throw cans of fuel and oil on sea-beds. The fish and other tropical species have of it enough the destruction of their corals. Fight against this pollution while contributing to the development of the coral. All is played mouse. In a superb and coloured decoration, small white octopuses go down towards the depths from the ocean. They constitute the base of your coral. Click on one of these small octopuses and slip-deposit it on one of the visible rocks on the screen. The base of the coral of opens then. Then, you should bring alluvia and other micro-organisms to him allowing its growth and its development. Click on one of the particles of colors which are trotted in the screen and slip-deposit them on the basis of coral. The coral will develop thus gradually. Start again handling until covering the rock with corals. A play superbly carried out, with a planing sound environment, and which makes us include/understand the importance of ecology in the marine environment. A play to be put between all the hands!!
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