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Help Mr. Johnson to escape the phantoms while taking refuge in a sure place in Look Out Mr. Johnson, a play of address very fun to be discovered on your gate of plays. Mr. Johnson is afraid of the pink phantom! Help it to find a place without danger and phantoms. For that, you control the pink phantom and must frighten Mr. Johnson in order to guide it towards a sure binder. Move the pink phantom with the mouse, click on the left of Mr. Johnson to make it run on the right, click on the right of Mr. Johnson to make it run on the left, click under Mr. Johnson to make it jump, click above Mr. Johnson to make it crawl. Your pink phantom can interact with elements of the decoration: it can explode of the cases out of wooden, to crunch phantoms and others zombies which could frightened or blocked Mr. Johnson. Be fast and effective. Mr. Johnson needs you! A universe delirious cartoon and, sound effects to die to laugh, and superb graphics for a play with the single and funny concept. With you to play!
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