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Strike the ball of baseball with blow of beater to clean up zombies made thirsty for blood in Zombie Baseball, a delirious play of address to discover your gate of plays. In this play of baseball not like the others, you incarnate a young player of baseball helped by his small girlfriend to overcome a horde of zombie attacking their house. The fair girl, of the top of her balcony, launches to her boyfriend the ball of baseball. As soon as this one arrives at the height of the beater, press on key A to strike the ball. During the play, you will recover new beaters even more powerful. Press on the key S to strike with your new beater. Strike at the good time to unscrew the head of death-alive and double your score. At each end of level, you can equipped the beater with a second beater and to allot points of force, points to accelerate the throw and points to him to increase the frequency of launched ball. A complete play, superbly carried out and very fun, with a good amount of difficulty and an environment very series Z between terror and burlesque. To taste without moderation!
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