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It has been a long time since the Kraken cursed his crew back bones to sit forever in this unglorious island. And the pirate treats the island as his permanent home, a sweet home, any one who bothers to annoy him deserve an elimination. There are 2 modes of the game, one is action mode that have nonstop enemy ships, which will arrive from all directions. Think fast and try holding the lines for as long you can. The other mode is strategy mode, in which just lay back and plan your strategy, place your warriors and defenses according to the challenge that lies ahead, press start battle button when you are ready. This is an action and strategy game, available on, for totally free. It’s said that he stole Kraken’s treasure and for that he was trapped forever in this island with no wine! Now , the kraken has fallen asleep! I can tell and without him other will come with their blood. You’ll seek the revenge on the kraken. But before that, you need to accomplish the tutorial mode, in order to understand the game more clearly.
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