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Game description of Snap N Pop : Make ravel charts two by two and leave the play the identical pairs of charts in Snap NR Pop, a play of reflexion to be discovered on your gate of plays. Two charts are distributed to you. If the charts are identical, press on the arrow of Bottom to leave them the play (snap). If on the contrary, the two charts are different, press on the arrow Top so that you are distributed the two following charts (not). Be fast and to as quickly as possible pass the charts which are not identical. A play of speed and reflexes. Attention you have a time limited to leave a certain number of identical pair. As you find the pairs, of eggs in bottom of the screen open while making “pop!” with the manner of an egg kinder, revealing a small coloured chick. If the 5 chicks are released, you gained. The chicks together then form a quotation of a famous personality. A play very fun and nicely carried out. With you to play!
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