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Game description of Jungle Assassin : In the 18xx, British was colonizing all over the world, they took over the India peninsula, and making money by some evil and indecent trafficking. When France had had allied with Indian, the British felt crisis, and they hired an assassin in the jungle, in order to eliminate all the French army and their Indian allies. Their current situation is very dangerous, their benefit in the East is threatened by the ally. Therefore the mission is to annihilate the French army and their Indian allies as much as possible. Jungle Assassin is an action game, available on, for totally free. As the name of the game tell, it is assassin instead of killing, in this way, stop to wander around like a fool, and assault the enemies without any consider. Actually you are far from being a pro, dude, you ARE mortal, and what’s worse, you will die no sooner they caught you. Good luck!
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