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Sailing on the ocean you will never know what will happen next minute, is it a fierce storm ahead? is it a sunny day tomorrow, or while you are wondering about the coffee a little bit bitter this afternoon, you are nearly unaware of anything dangerous is happening. Right in the game, Buccaneer Battle, an unexpected disaster is taking place: the pirate invades. Bombard the body of your ship, killers swing on board one by one, as you can imagine, this is going to threat the safety of all the crew. Captain as you are, you must have the guts to versus one troops of pirate in one kick. This is an action game, available on, for totally free. Arrow keys makes the captain move or jump, when double tap left or right he will perform a slide, during which if press KEY A in the same time, he will perform an slide attack. SPACEBAR is used to enter or exit.the cannon. It all depends on you, captain, kick them back to islands.
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