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Hobo lives in rubbish area, is fond of this kind of nasty but harmonious life, lying on the piles of wastes, indulging in his lovely and warm nap. Somehow the police do not agree with him, they swore to take Hobo out. Having no choices, Hobo decided to fight back, struggle for his right to survive in the wasteland in the hustle and bustle metropolis. Hobo Browl is action game, available on, for totally free. Hobo can beat nearly everyone, passers-by, cleaners, street vendors and police officer! Use Arrow KEY to move Hobo, double tap will make him run. KEY A for a punch, KEY S for a kick. But only this cannot be able to fit his notorious reputation. He has his own type to defeat anyone who blocked the path, spit on the face, burp directly to someone, fart, and even throw up and shit splattered all over the poor guys. This superior nasty tricks needs to learn on the way of Hobo’s revenge!
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