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This is an intensive story about the stoneagers. Their pioneer searched for a new material far away from their tribes at the foot of a volcano. The stoneager traveled over the ancient lands to searched some magic source that could help them to survive from other tribes the evil stoneagers and wild animals. On day, a strange thing happen: some material got mixed in a hot lava. Copper and tin, ti started shining. He run to this shining piece. Grabbed it and was surprised. It was that special thing he had came so far looking from. He knew those two materials that got mixed but he didn’t knew what comes out of them when they are heated up. The new material was stronger and flexible than a stone that was a miracle. He couldn’t wait returning home and an epic journey began. It is an action game available on, for totally free. Use ARROW KEYs or WASD to control the hero, KEY Z is used with melee weapons, KEY X to lift a stone or to throw the spear. Good luck, the history of human being depends on you!
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