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The goal of the game is to blow up all the zombies in certain world region. In order to blast a zombie you have to place the clock working bombs of 5 types. Each bomb blasts automatically after the determined period of time and has its own damage range. But be careful! All bombs except the photon bomb can damage zomber. You have to move zomber away from the blast site where you have placed the bomb. Sometimes after you have blown up a zombie, automatic detector can detect a new virus strain. Laboratories will pay generously for the new strains. You can spend them in the Rewards Shop to buy the upgrades for Zomber. Just move zomber over the green icon of the strain and zomber will collect one automatically. There are several general known zombie types in the infected regions. In order to switch between the bombs use 1-5 keys on your keyboard or the arrow keys. Zomber is an action shooting game, available on, for your spare time entertainment and relaxing. Have fun!
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